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Cultural & Educational Travel
You’ll revel in the meaningful enrichment and insider perspectives brought by insightful, experienced, and charismatic Jelajah Outdoor Experts Facilitator, Trip Leader and Guides.
Jelajah Outdoor working with local resources, NGO’s, Communities through out Indonesia with years good connection with local resources will give Jelajah Outdoor ahead start in creating a realistic and experience-rich program.
Tree Planting

Real engagement, rich-experience

When you join our community of curious travelers, you will engage with Indonesia natural and wildlife through Jelajah Outdoor lens, enjoying a memorable, immersive, and transformative experience.

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Kids Swimming Camp (13-14 Juni2019 )

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Swimming ease at sea (8-9 Juni 2019)

Borobudur Temple Central Java

Jogja Cultural Journey – Borobudur Visit


East Java Cultural Journey – Singhasari Remnants



Jogja Nature & Cultural Journey

Conservation Trip at Tidung Island

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