Program Team Building yang melibatkan nilai-nilai konservasi sebagai media pengantar pembalajaran, dengan mengkolaborasikan setiap objektif dengan nilai-nilai yang di perlihatkan oleh alam.


The Team Buliding activities base on Experiential Learning method still focusing in Recreation with Fun and Togetherness as the objective. With emphasize in giving Conservation knowledge on Orang Utan and Sunbear Rehabilition Program.  The report base on personal engagement, group interaction level excitement which we observed on group dynamic through out each activities.

Day 1-Opening, Conditioning, Sunbear Observation

The program began with ice breaking and conditioning in big and small group dynamic activities. The goals are to give participants sense of readiness in entering new environment and situation. The activities consist of immersion games where participants could intearct with each other with more confidence.

Participants understanding through experiencing and observing orang utan in the miniature habitat first hand strengthen by interpreter explanation. BOS Foundation video presentation with disscussion with Mr. Agus Irwanto as Program Manager BOS Foundation giving participants more knowledge. Each group was giving their presentation about orang utan as one of the endangered species in the world with fun and entertaining style.

Day 2 – Final Activity

To achieve program goals through sequenced activities which gives each participants to meaningfull experience always our main concern. Therefor on second day we adjust the activities with a one big final project. We split participants to 5 small group with focus task which have one goal in the end. The “Art Wall” Challenge consist of:

  • Observer (Sunbear Sanctuary): participants helped the caretaker of sunbear to prepare feeding for the sunbear and to observe the behaviuor of the sunbear, the participants took picture which used for creating the artwall.
  • Pathfinder (Arboretum Trekking): Participants in this group will collecting information about trees in the area and collecting baby tree to be given to Plantation group. They also have to collect dry leaves, twigs, seed, and other stuff found along the trekk for creating the artwall
  • Group Plantation (Arboretum Area): this group will find the spots to plant baby trees collected by Pathfinder group. They will prepare the area ready to be planted.
  • Group Painting (Office Area): This group will prepare sign boards for planting the baby trees (consist of 4 sign board for four different baby trees). These sign board given to Plantation group
  • Group Design (Office Area): This group given the material for creating the Artwall. They have to decide what kind of artwall they will create while waiting others material collected by other group. All the material they collected will become the memory of what they have experienced. They also put commitment and message on the artwall.

The closing of the program by big group review and share the experience moment. The instructure gave review and insight of the two days activities and the participants share what they see, hear, and feel through out the activities. In the final review we could observe that all the participants have great engagement and giving their full attention in all activities. They learn about the function of the forest, the role of orang utan and sunbear in the ecosystem and how they have more understanding about the balance of the ecosystem for life on earth.

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