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Once heard Indonesia must have crossed your minds about the wonderful tourism. Indeed, Indonesia presents a variety of natural beauty, culture, customs, culinary and is well-known for its friendly Indonesian local people. Indonesian Government has priorities was to make Indonesia tourism worthy of being taken into account in the worldwide. The Government of Indonesia, especially the Minister of Tourism, strives to spoil foreign visitors with various facilities. Transportation and accommodation are very crucial when it comes to travel visits. To visit one destination to another destination definitely requires a perfect footing to pass it. The airport is one of the right facility mostly for commercial air for local and international visitors that can facilitate travel. Indonesia has 367 airports, ranging from grand international airports to modest unpaved airstrips on remote islands or inland interior areas located throughout the archipelago. This one will be very helpful, for you who are ready to explore Indonesia.

This list of airports in Indonesia, sorted by location and code.


LocationAirport NameIATA-ICAO
Banda AcehSultan Iskandar Muda International AirportBTJ-WITT
KutacaneAlas Leuser AirportTKG-WILL
Bener MeriahRembele AirportTXE-WITK
Aceh UtaraMalikus Saleh AirportLSW-WITM
Aceh UtaraLhok Sukon AirportLSX-WITL
Tapak TuanTeuku Cut Ali AirportTPK-WITA
SabangMaimun Saleh AirportSBG-WIAG
Gayo LuesSenubung AirportGYO
Aceh SinkilSyekh Hamzah Fansyuri Airport
Aceh Barat DayaKuala Batee Airport
Nagan RayaCut Nyak Dhien AirportMEQ-WITC
LangsaLangsa Airport
Simeulue IslandLasikin AirportWITG
BireuenBireuen Airport


LocationAirport NameIATA-ICAO
DenpasarNgurah Rai International AirportDPS-WADD

Bangka Belitung

LocationAirport NameIATA-ICAO
Pangkal Pinang, BangkaBandar Udara Depati Amir International AirportPGK – WIPK
Tanjung PandanH.A.S HAnnandjoedin AirportTJQ-WIKT


LocationAirport NameIATA-ICAO
BengkuluFatmawati Soekarno International AirportBKS-WIGG
Muko MukoMuko Muko Airport


LocationAirport NameIATA-ICAO
BantenBudiarto AirportWICB
PamulangPondok Cabe AirportPCB-WIHP

Central Java

LocationAirport NameIATA-ICAO
SemarangAhmad Yani International AirportSRG-WAHS
SoloAdisumarno International AirportSOC-WAHQ
PurbalingggaWirasaba AirportPWL-WICP
CepuNgloram AirportCPF-WARC
CilacapTunggul Wulung AirportCXP-WHIL
JeparaDewaru AirportKWB-WARU

Central Kalimantan

LocationAirport NameIATA-ICAO
PalangkarayaTjilik Rawut International Airport (Panarung)BKS-WIGG
Barito UtaraBeringin International AirportWAOM
Kotawaringin BaratIskandar AirportPKN-WAGI
Kotawaringin TimurH. Asan AirportSMQ-WAOS
KatinganTumbang Samba Airport
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