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Travel in the time of Covid 19

Travel in the time of Covid 19

Travel in the Time of COVID-19Travel in the time of Covid 19 As the world navigates the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we at Jelajah Outdoor are ready in giving information for travelers throughout this challenging period -- and when ready, assisting in recovery...

Solo Traveling to Indonesia

Solo Traveling to Indonesia

What you need to know Solo Traveling to IndonesiaEven though traveling is not encouraged at this time, the best way for you to travel now is by going alone. Solo traveling have many advantages and Indonesia is perfect to explore by yourself. However, there may be...

Trip Level Rating

Trip Level Rating

Trip Level Ratings Jelajah Outdoor Trip Level Ratings provide an understanding of the physical expectations for each tour or cruise, making it easier for you to find the journey that is right for you. Trip Level Ratings are detailed description of the activity...

Indonesia Educational Travel

Indonesia Educational Travel

DISCOVER INDONESIA WITH US Indonesia Cultural & Educational Travel Jelajah Outdoor, Indonesia Travel Agency provides Indonesia Cultural & Education Travel was born to bring Nusantara Heritage and Natural Sciences alive in experience-rich travel. Indonesia...

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Introducing World of Dragonfly of Indonesia

Indonesia Dragonfly Society is an organization who focus on creating the existence of the biodiversity of dragonflies and damselflies as our natural heritage.

Established since 2010, Indonesia Dragonfly society has dedicated to identified and introduce endemic Dragonfly and Damselfly through out the archipelago to the world



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