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The best small group will give you the perfect balance between planned activities and "you time"

It means it's time you go with your family, friends, and your best travel partner. We will provide safety and higienist protocols as we are traveling in the time of pandemi. With Responsible Traveler attitude and behavior we will put some extra care so we can travel far.

Sandi Taruni / Founder of Jelajah Outdoor
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Jelajah Outdoor Company

Jelajah Outdoor Company | Indonesia Educational Travel start from 2013 providing services for Corporate, School and Traveler in real experience and rich engagement travel. Our mission is to bring Indonesia Heritages and Natural Sciences alive in rich-experience travel.
Inspires by Jelajah Outdoor mission, “Grow together toward Positive Change,”Jelajah Outdoor foster the power that comes through travel – unlocking knowledge and cultural awareness – to better understand the world.

Educational Emphasis

Travelers return again and again due to the fun and engaged learning at the core of every Jelajah outdoor tour. You’ll revel in the meaningful enrichment and insider perspectives brought by insightful, experienced, and charismatic Jelajah Outdoor Experts Facilitator, Trip Leader and Guides.

A quality experiences

WIth years of experience in outdoor education, corporate outdoor event, kids and school outdoor event, Jelajah Outdoor always choose our staff wisely. Plus, with years good connection with local resources will give Jelajah Outdoor ahead start in creating a realistic and experience-rich program.

Our Mission

Grow together toward positive changes

Program Guidelines

  • Excellent Safety Standard
  • Challenge by Choice Triumph by Trying
  • Experienced and certified Trip Leaders
  • Personal engagement & dinamic interaction among partcipants
  • Bring Responsible travel spirit in every journeys
  • Giving Support to local communities
  • Encouraging the love for Nusantara Heritages
  • Develop nature & wildlife protection and sustainable behavior

Jelajah Outdoor working with local resources, NGO’s, Communities through out Indonesia. On any given trip, you’ll travel with intellectual curiuos, worldly, and adventurous life-long learners, and forge lasting friendship with others who share your passion for deeper learning and exploration.


Jelajah Outdoor Specialist

One feature that makes our program uniquely special is our specifically chosen Experts. Chosen for their charisma, expertise and affability, these men and women are the secret ingredient that turns a fine tour into an unforgettable experience

Sandi Taruni Founder & CEO An outdoor enthusiast who has been starting this outdoor education journeys since 2009. Jelajah Outdoor has been her passion in delivering Indonesia Heritage and Natural Sciences into the world. Wigoto Prihadi Co Founder & Program Director Certified facilitator in outdoor education and outdoor safety. He has a fun way in bringing people together. His years of experience in outdoor management team give him the best advantage in our journeys. Myherla Naunis Team Leader Her energetic, good humour and enthusiasm always brighten up the environment. She has years of experience in event management and team building activities. Kak Resha Expert Guide & Storyteller His love in Indonesia heritage and the great Indonesia outdoors bring his storytelling have strong message in protecting the environment and brings Nusantara folklore alive. Andi Gondrong Expert Guide An Old Datsun collector and enthusiast. He's an avid traveler and experts in conservation and environment restoration. His work in restoration of Lake pani & regulo in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is recognize in the region. He also make traveling journey with motorcycle accross Indonesia with Jelajah Nusantara. Wahyu Sigit Expert Guide President of Indonesia Dragonfly Society. His passion in photography and combined with his knowledge in wildlife and natural sciences already given birth in many books and article. with his base in Jogjakarta, now he help developing sustainable tourism in Temanggung, Central Java.

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