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Jelajah Outdoor Working With Local Resources, NGO’s, Communities Through Out Indonesia. On Any Given Trip, You’ll Travel With Intellectual Curiuos, Worldly, And Adventurous Life-Long Learners, And Forge Lasting Friendship With Others Who Share Your Passion For Deeper Learning And Exploration.

Sandi Taruni

An Outdoor Specialist programmer and has long experience in Social & Community Organization. Her love for history and culture made her program unique and meaningful. Founder of Jelajah Outdoor is a Fly Fishing Angler also have passion for folk legend and prehistory civilization.

Wigoto Prihadi

Experienced Facilitator and Instructor for Outdoor Management Program is Founder of Jelajah Outdoor. He also Certified swimming coach and First Aid Assistance . His Special in Student Adventure program is making sure Safety and good activities deliverance

Andi Iskandar

His specialty in Forest Restoration and his long experienced in Environmental NGO made him become experts in the field. His love for stories and his open and friendly attitude made him a great guides and interpreter.

Wahyu Sigit

Chairman of Indonesia Dragonfly Society is an avid Photographer. His love for culture, history and wildlife made him perfect to become one of Jelajah Outdoor Experts. His books specialized in Dragonfly Identification through out Indonesia has became a must read for various scholar.

Kak Resha

Kak Resha is a father who contribute actively in education program through storytelling and interactive games.

His passion in traveling and adventure across nusantara to share stories and learning about cultures and heritage leads him to became TV program host “Jejak Rimba” at MNCtv.

Kak Resha also collaborate with National & International NGO’s creates many “edutainment” program.

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