Travel in the Time of COVID-19

Travel in the time of Covid 19

As the world navigates the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we at Jelajah Outdoor are ready in giving information for travelers throughout this challenging period — and when ready, assisting in recovery efforts.

What you need to know

Travel in the time of Covid 19

The 2020 coronavirus, or COVID-19 pandemic, has been a moving target when it comes to travel. Nobody knows how long it will continue, whether and which areas it might hit next, when and where it will plateau and start to ease off, or when the travel world might return to something like normal. The time frame for cases to begin diminishing is unknown. And even once a decrease occurs, it’s worth considering that the virus could return.

Many nations are enacting more stringent travel restrictions or travel bans, and new policies are being implemented daily. The IATA is also maintaining a comprehensive country-by-country list of COVID-19 restrictions on travel.

Most commercial airlines have reduced or suspended routes because of the pandemic. In addition, many hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world have closed to avoid large gatherings. advise all traveler to regularly updating the following resource guides to travel companies’ COVID-19 responses:

Where to Contact when you travel to Indonesia

If you already in Indonesia during this Pandemy you can contact this following number for assistance:

Hotline 24/7

+62 911

The Main COVID-19 Travel Dilemmas to Consider

Getting sick: This one is obvious. Whether you catch it before you leave home or while you’re away, being sick with serious COVID-19 is no fun. The fatality risk is small but real. Seniors and those with existing medical problems seem to be at higher risk than the general population.

Getting quarantined: If you need to travel, you almost certainly face the possibility of immediate quarantine of up to 14 days. If you’re lucky, it could be at home. But it could also place you in a strange city.

Canceling: Changing arrangements could entail big cancellation penalties, although many airlines and hotels are currently allowing customers more flexibility to change plans than they usually do. However, the Department of Transportation recently issued a warning to airlines that were not refunding travelers for canceled flights.

Travel Industry Responses to COVID-19

If an airline cancels your flight(s), no matter what the airline proposes you can get a full refund on any ticket (see our guide to air passenger rights here). But if you have a ticket for a future flight that is not canceled or you haven’t yet bought a ticket, most major domestic and international airlines are offering some combination of postponement and refund options. Again, see our sister site Airfarewatchdog’s breakdown of airlines’ waiver options during the pandemic for more.

Generally, the options for canceling airfare will include:

  • Waiving change penalties for existing tickets—but in many cases, only for flights scheduled within a few weeks.
  • Waiving change penalties for newly booked tickets, with booking time frames ranging from a few weeks to a full year.
  • Rebooking a ticketed itinerary with no change in fares, but usually for rescheduled departures within a month or two.
  • Rebooking a ticketed itinerary with no change penalty, but at then-current fares, for up to a year.

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